Employee Spotlight - Brent Pimley

While some people may shy away from using the term "nerd" - especially when describing themselves - Brent Pimley, Lead Engineer – Substation, fully embraces the description for himself and his co-workers. 

"My team is a nerd army," Brent says proudly, noting that he is confident in the team's wide range of capabilities and level of expertise in the field. "I really thrive on being able to solve problems for my clients, and my whole team is the same way."

Whether busy working on substation design or managing the client-end for a major electrical cooperative, Brent said his team is dedicated to ensuring such highly technical work is done right and clients are satisfied with the results. 

Brent's passion for power engineering and his expertise in the field means that his client relationships go where he goes – Brent and his team have been successful in generating 5 proposals totaling ~$1.1M from a client who followed Brent to Ulteig.

"Marketing Ulteig to prospective clients is actually fairly easy," he said. "We have the ability to talk on a simple level about substations, transmission lines, as well as project details. This means that companies considering hiring us quickly develop a comfort level and don't doubt that we can deliver for them."

Brent sums up Ulteig's project management capabilities as "industry leading," and says the company maintains a "strong culture of quality." 

"Ulteig really lets engineers be engineers," he said from his remote office in Billings, Montana. "We're doing it the way it needs to be done here. It's the kind of company culture that makes me feel comfortable."