Andrew is an experienced design and performance engineer with 13+ years of expertise in solar design and performance modeling from the smallest residential systems to the largest utility scale solar projects. He is proficient in solar plant design including siting & wiring to NEC requirements, in particular with regards to potential shading and performance, energy modeling including PVSyst, Helioscope, SAM and others, value engineering, monitoring & commissioning, and design automation. Andrew has over 5 years of utility scale solar development specific experience including siting paying particular attention to improving project value, working with land owners & utilities, managing 3rd party engineers and has been involved in nearly every aspect of engineering during a project’s life from initial site identification through maintenance after completion. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.


2W Permian Solar

Lead solar engineer and designer of electrical and physical design on 420MWac/520MWdc project located in Texas to IFC. PV Collection design includes ~40MW/40MWh AC Coupled Battery Energy Storage System. Project was sited within an active oil field with very little extra land requiring multiple iterations and optimization with many parties.

Desert Harvest Solar

Lead engineer and designer of electrical and physical design on 150MWac/210MWdc project located in California to IFC. Project includes ~40MW/160MWh DC Coupled Battery Energy Storage System. Project included difficult soil conditions and coordination with multidisciplinary approach.

Nazareth Solar – 200Mwac/280MWdc solar project

Scopes included bringing the project to 30% including block optimization with the goal to expedite construction and reduce construction in flooded areas. Including both underground and overhead collection design.