About Kevin

Kevin holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from the Johns Hopkins University. He specializes in both the steady-state designs and dynamic interconnection studies of wind farms, centralized and distributed solar stations, as well as the DC/AC coupled and standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Kevin has been involved in various aspects of planning and design of more than 1 GW power plant generation capacity. Kevin is actively involved in the Development, Estimation, Preconstruction, Engineering and Design, Construction, and Post-energization phases of the projects. Kevin supported the development of wind, solar, and BESS projects for a variety of clients with varying scopes (e.g., Detailed Design, Owner’s Engineering, Independent Engineering). Experience includes collection system design, NERC compliance study, interconnection feasibility study, layout development, EPC specification development, technical due diligence efforts, project finance, and solar production estimates. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

Featured Project Experience

Foote Creek Repowering in Wyoming

Lead power system study engineer for Foote Creek Repowering project in Wyoming. The analyses included load flow, reactive, and harmonic studies.

Cardinal Point Wind Farm in Illinois

Lead power system study engineer for Cardinal Point Wind Farm project in Illinois. The analyses included reactive power sizing, cable ampacity, energy loss, load flow, reactive, and harmonic studies.

Vista Energy Storage in California

Power system study engineer for Protection Coordination and Cable Ampacity Studies.