About Manisha

Manisha brings 14 years of transmission planning experience to the Transmission and Distribution group. She holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her skill set includes performing power system studies – including load flow, dynamic/transient, and harmonic studies, and she is conversant in various standard power system simulation software packages (PSS®E, GE PSLF, PSCAD, DIgSILENT PowerFactory). The objectives of these analyses are largely focused on renewable plant integration onto the transmission system in various regions and understanding the interconnection challenges and requirements; in the US specifically, this covers NERC Compliance studies. Manisha is also knowledgeable in other utility concerns such as voltage stability and power quality. Manisha will work with a client to develop proposals and scope of work, collect required data and perform the necessary analysis to meet the needs of the application. Her favorite aspect about her role is assisting customers with field testing and performing model validation analyses to ensure that the simulation models accurately represent the installed plants and the implemented control strategies. Connect with Manisha on LinkedIn.

Featured Project Experience

Dynamic Load Modeling and Voltage Stability Studies in Southern California

Study engineer conducting dynamic analysis in the GE PSLF software using the WECC detailed load model to determine potential voltage stability concerns on the transmission system in the Southern Cal Edison network.

Wind Farm Project near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Performed reactive power sizing, dynamic studies, PSS®E modeling and voltage control strategy for a wind farm in Eastern Wisconsin.

Solar Model Development for Plants Connecting to the Hawaii Electric Company (HECO) Transmission System

Study engineer developing plant level models for two solar plants in Hawaii in the PSS®E and PSCAD Software packages.  The scope included working with HECO to understand the interconnection requirements and extensive testing and tuning of the model to fully meet the HECO requirements.