About Tahnee

Tahnee is an Engineering Supervisor in the Transmission & Distribution Department with over 11 years of experience. She holds an MS and BS in electrical engineering from University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Tahnee performs electrical system studies, including arc flash studies, reactive power studies, fault current studies, and harmonic studies for distribution systems, substations, and transmission lines. Her responsibilities include electrical system modeling, complete system analysis, study documentation preparation, and client communication of results and recommendations. Tahnee specializes in interconnection support services for wind and solar developers, including project modeling, interconnection applications, and preliminary design evaluation. Connect with Tahnee on LinkedIn.

Featured Project Experience

Roscoe-Inadale Wind Project, Texas
Engineer that performed a detailed post-construction harmonic analysis using over 20 temporary PQ meters installed at the project to identify the root cause of harmonic issues the facility was experiencing and developing recommendations to mitigate the problem.

Chaves and Roswell Solar, New Mexico
Performed electrical system studies on the Chaves and Roswell solar farm projects. Each project is a 70 MW solar project. Studies performed included short circuit studies, arc flash studies, and reactive power flow studies for sizing reactive power compensation equipment for each project.

Rush Creek Wind Project, Colorado
Performed electrical system studies on a dual-phase project consisting of a total of 300 Vestas wind turbines for a total project output of 600 MW. Studies performed included harmonic study, arc flash study, effectively grounded study, transient overvoltage study, and reactive power study on project collection systems, substations, and transmission lines.

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