Ulteig is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace throughout its offices and worksites and to making every effort to eliminate adverse environmental conditions within its operations.

As part of Ulteig’s ongoing commitment to meet or exceed client safety standards and practices, we require all employees to undergo yearly safety training and generalized and hazard-specific field training prior to working in the field. Our General Safety Committee provides a dynamic internal website (featuring safety information, resource links and health references), an informative monthly blog (devoted to accident prevention, health and worker safety) and employee discussions to keep health and safety at the forefront of everything we do.


2018 was a remarkable year for safety at Ulteig. We received an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Recordable Incident Rate (ORIR) of just 0.26 (The ORIR, a standardized safety calculation, multiplies the number of recordable cases by 200,000 and then divides that number by the number of labor hours at the company. The lower the score, the higher the safety rating).


  • ISNetworld
  • Veriforce / VeriSource
  • E-RailSafe
  • Roadway Worker Training
  • OECS
  • Avetta
  • Browz
  • North Dakota Safety Council
  • Safety Services
  • FirstVerify

"A strong safety culture is essential to our core values and is founded on the genuine care and concern we have for each other. We are committed to providing our employees the tools and resources they need to remain safe and productive and ask for their sustained engagement to ensure we all continue to thrive."

- Michael Farrell, Senior Vice President, Civil and Field Services