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Traffic Control Planning: Work Zone Traffic Control

Road-closedWith so much demand for road construction accumulating over the past few years, we’re now seeing a huge increase in the number of roadway and roadway support projects coming up for development in the near future.

With such extensive work being planned, we know we need to prepare for items such as project scheduling, budgeting, material calculations and ordering, and ensuring people and businesses affected by construction are notified of upcoming projects. In all that work, one thing that might get lost in the shuffle is planning for traffic control in the work zones.

The requirements and principles of developing a set of traffic control plans and the plans are a high priority and an integral element of every transportation project. It is a major priority to prepare traffic control plans that are understood by all persons responsible for work zone traffic control.

A properly designed set of traffic control plans have a goal to do the following:

  • Make traffic safety an integral and high priority element of the project
  • Avoid inhibiting traffic as much as possible
  • Guide motorists in a clear and positive way
  • Identify the need for routine inspections of traffic control devices
  • Give constant attention to roadside safety

Over the next few months, I’ll be discussing the various aspects of traffic control planning in more detail in several blog posts. In my next post, I’ll touch on the multiple components of traffic control plans and what they may require in the way of implementation.

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Bob is our account executive in the Government market. He has nearly four decades of experience in municipal engineering and development in rural areas, small towns and larger cities. He brings a wealth of expertise to help provide ideas that lead to long-term solutions for our clients.