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With March comes spring and … madness

03022015-Madness1“Is it spring yet? Wait. It’s already spring?!?” This is how one of my first conversations started one morning with a colleague in the marketing department. A colleague to whom I owe a monthly blog on the first of every month.I couldn’t tell you what happened between the first of the year that got us so quickly to March. In short, life has been one quarter of pure joyful madness. We have been provided opportunities across the United States, for which we are extremely grateful for. The madness is compounded by expanding the focus on some of lesser-known services while adding new services, such as:

  • Project right of way acquisition
  • Renewable project development services
  • Project manager staff augmentation
  • SCADA integration
  • On-site construction engineers
  • Protection and control testing lab

The madness comes from an expanding company servicing an expanding power industry. To say it keeps us on our toes is an understatement. Expanded service offerings come with a changing power market. With growing investment in renewables and changes in transmission capacity bidding (via NERC 1000), we can no longer focus our services on only investor-owned utilities. We are seeing investment in generation and capacity we’ve never seen before in our industry.

More than ever, there are new opportunities available for businesses to expand, partly due to aging infrastructure as well as the aforementioned capacity build out. However, opportunity is also coming in the form of new products and new innovations. Innovations such as UAVs, otherwise known as remote controlled airplanes, to those old enough to remember that name.

As a kid I remember building a remote control airplane, I mean UAV, with my father. Who knew my dad and I were on the leading edge of innovation? Here I thought we were only spending some quality father son bonding time. If only I could have stuck with it a few more decades.

Between the power market renaissance and new industry innovations, I’m positive we will not see anything close to a summer slowdown. But I am excited to continue working to find new applications and ways to be of value to clients and the industry as a whole.

Since it is spring and one of my favorite times of the year, it’s time to start with the Up-North traditions, when we start peeling off a few of the winter layers and prepare to enjoy the few months of summer we are allowed.

That’s right, the long johns get put away, the coats get changed out for sweatshirts and for some the winter beards come off. The last of which is no doubt appreciated the most by the wives and girlfriends. Let the madness commence!

About the author

Mike is our account executive for the Renewable and Power markets. His responsibilities include serving renewable energy clients throughout the United States as well as utilities located in the western part of the country, and he specializes in developing renewable energy, energy storage and electronic power solutions for his clients. He has more than 10 years of experience as a project and substation engineer. His background encompasses project management, commissioning, protective relaying, SCADA systems, substations and switchyards, conduit and raceway systems, grounding systems, field investigation and testing. From issues and techniques to new technological developments, he keeps you updated on what's happening in clean power generation.