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On-site Owners Representative QA/QC Inspection

Managing a successful project involves executing a step-by-step process and staying aligned with the client’s vision, objectives, and priorities.  The minimum requirements of every project is to meet the client’s completion date, control the cost, achieve high quality, and ensure safety.  With a focus on major infrastructure projects moving towards new execution models like public-private partnerships (PPP’s) and independent development groups funded by financial institutions, we see more involvement, risk and pressure bestowed upon contractors and developers.

Bringing on a contractor from an adjacent market to your project doesn’t need to be filled with insurmountable risk and isn’t something that you should immediately disregard.  In fact, integrating market process, procurement methods, and approaches can lead to a market advantage through new execution models. It is important though, to recognize that these contractors and developers new to the market may not have the full experience necessary in order to execute optimally. Today more than ever, contractors and developers are challenged with ensuring that their projects are constructed to ever evolving, and sometimes ambiguous, “industry standards”. As a result, it’s important to have an onsite execution partner that can provide proper oversight and guidance to ensure that construction practices and documentation methods are correct.

Never the less, risk is inherent to construction projects and the importance of mitigating and or managing that risk is vital to a projects success. To ensure a successful project and aide in the risk management an owner can opt, or in some cases, may be required to bring on a partner with industry expertise to help guide and monitor a projects health. Therefore, an engineering partner familiar and experienced in construction observation, like Ulteig, is a great solution. Additionally, you should expect your partner to sit down with you in order to thoroughly understand your project needs and expectations, ultimately to clearly understand what your definition is of a successful project.

There is no single solution or standalone execution model for a successful project within your market.  This statement can be validated by the sheer number of contractors, each having their own value added construction processes and procedures.  A good site observation partner should work alongside you, adapt to your processes, while at the same time bringing their industry expertise and experiences to the table.

The Ulteig team is interested in hearing about your specific project(s) and how our team of professionals can provide the desired earned value you would expect on your project.

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