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The Four Phases of a 5K Run

The 2016 Solar Power International (SPI) is in Vegas this year, and we are all anticipating a packed agenda with customer meetings, laps around the show floor, and learning about the latest technologies and trends in solar.

In researching the event, I noticed that SPI is again hosting the “Run with the Sun 5K.”  And even though I am not a big fan of running, and have only done one other 5K in my life, I decided to accept the challenge!

My first 5K took about 30 minutes to complete, which I am told is not bad for a beginner and first time 5K runner.  But this time I asked myself: How can I get better at it; how can I become more EFFICIENT?  An analogy came to mind.  I would approach this race as I would the four phases of a renewable project:


Confused? Let me explain!

Saying yes to this 5K took some DEVELOPMENT.  I started to question if this race was feasible for me.  Am I in good enough shape/condition to run this race?  Will I have enough time to train?  Subconsciously, I was doing some preliminary STUDIES to determine whether this was a realistic option. And with that, the decision was made.  It’s a GO!

Next came the PRE-CONSTRUCTION phase. This is the stage where I DESIGNED an action plan to get ready.  I’d need a training schedule, an exercise program, and of course, let’s not forget about a better diet plan – right?  All of this resonated with me as I thought about how Ulteig supplies issued for construction drawings (IFC) for collection, substation, SCADA, and T-Line design in preparation of phase three.

CONSTRUCTION was to follow. Today, Ulteig provides field services, which include construction management and oversight, and testing & commissioning.  Similarly, I’ll need to construct my own objectives and success factors to build a winning strategy around this race.  In the weeks leading up to the 5k, I’ll have an opportunity to “test & commission” the training program I created during the first two phases…and I look forward to it.

Finally, after the run, I hope to continue building on this momentum.  By OPERATING & MAINTAINING this initial fitness project/plan, I expect to reach my goal of sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

At Ulteig, we not only provide multiple services within each of the four mentioned phases of a renewable project, but also add value by managing entire project portfolios, from conception to completion. We share decades of expertise in this market, and enable our customers to achieve greater cost savings and efficiencies throughout their project lifecycles.

Now, we can talk in more depth at SPI about these four phases and Ulteig’s approach to project management, but how about focusing on this 5K for now?  Join me, and let’s burn some calories in Vegas next month!

What: 2016 Run with the Sun 5K @ Solar Power International
Where: Vegas
When: Tuesday, September 13th
Time: 6:30am

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