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A Journey Through Engineering to Management

When I was a kid, I was playing with Legos, train sets, and cars. It was clear I was going to be an engineer.  What I didn’t consider throughout my education, at college, and after, was that leadership could be in my future.  With a strong structural engineering background, I loved coming to work to solve technical problems. I also found myself enjoying work on teams: getting people rallied behind a common goal and then knocking it out of the park.  Once I felt like I got a handle on the technical engineering world, I also found myself gravitating toward the strategic side; thinking what if we could do this as a company?

About 6 years into my career, I’d gotten enough taste for the leadership and strategic focus to know the direction I wanted my career to take. I have been fortunate to be in the fast growing field of power delivery, and you can thrive if you put in the effort and are willing to take chances.  In 2012, I took a chance by moving to Colorado and working for a smaller consulting firm where I could have more leadership opportunities in the Power and Renewables Sectors. Working at Ulteig has provided me those opportunities to a large extent.

Because we operate in a growing, fast-paced environment, those opportunities are significant. Furthermore, I was willing to step outside of my comfort zone of engineering, to learn some new skills and take on new challenges to gain that leadership experience.  Making the transition from engineering to leadership hasn’t always been easy.  And in those situations where I’ve been uncomfortable, I knew I had two choices: back away or tackle it head on.  By embracing the discomfort, I have found the most significant growth.  The biggest advantage during my career progression, moving into a leadership position, is knowing what drives me to get out of bed every day.  Following my guiding values focuses my persistence, keeps me striving to be successful, and empowers me to take that next step.

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