Employee Ownership

How does employee ownership of your company sound to you? 

For Ulteig employees it sounds great! That’s because Ulteig is a 100% employee owned company. Not Wall Street. Not private equity. Our employees. Eligible employee owners at Ulteig own the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP.  

What is an ESOP?

An ESOP allows employees to participate in the results of the company, and it is automatic for eligible employees. Each year the company makes a contribution to employee owners’ accounts that represents their additional ownership in the company. Throughout your career at Ulteig, your account will grow through both contributions and appreciation of the company’s stock. The better the company performs, the higher the rate of stock appreciation, resulting in greater account values for employee owners. This can create a substantial retirement benefit to Ulteig’s committed employee owners.

How do Employee Owners at Ulteig make a difference?

Employees at Ulteig take great pride in being part of a 100% employee owned company. That’s because they know that their contributions to the success of the company benefit not only their clients, but their co-workers and themselves as well. They look at their work and the decisions they make on a day to day basis a little bit differently. They connect their work to the value they are creating for each other. When the stock price is announced in the summer of each year, employees are really excited, because they know that they are collectively sharing in the success that they have created. 

And, employee owners at Ulteig have a strong voice. They are constantly sharing their opinions through surveys, listening sessions, regular town hall meetings, and other mechanisms. Speaking and being heard are part of our culture, and we are a stronger company because of it!