b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION The search for innovative ways to solve client challenges better, faster and more efficiently never ends. The pandemic may have constrained certain aspects of the way Ulteig team members work, but it didnt constrain their ability to think outside the box to find novel solutions to the years myriad of challenges. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The constraints the pandemic imposed fed into team members passion for problem solving and inspired new ways of thinking. Here are a few examples: In Texas, at the height of COVID-19 travel restrictions, Ulteig engineers devised an innovative solution that enabled them to successfully perform SCADA integration remotely, from 1,000 miles away. In addition, when Ulteig couldnt send a team to the field, it brought the field to the team. Ulteig developed 360 VMI, a seamless integration of 360-degree video and GIS web mapping. This application reduced the number of in-person site visits and kept the project on track. Innovation isnt always a new product or technology. Sometimes its a new process, methodology or approach to solving client challenges. For example, when a devastating derecho hit the Midwest in August, the Ulteig team, with limited time and resources, pivoted quickly and decisively, working days and nights to deliver an outside-the-box solution built around a streamlined design methodology that restored power and put the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, community on the path to recovery. Work that normally would have taken weeks was compressed into days.Because creating innovative tools and unique applications of technology is an important part of Ulteigs culture, theres no shortage of stories like these. In 2020, Ulteig didnt merely react to change, it put its spirit of innovation to work and initiated the change. Ulteig harnessed the power of technology, the creativity of its team members imaginations and the boundless possibilities of innovation to help its clients and the communities it serves. ERIC STERNDIRECTOR, TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION WERE NOT A STATIC COMPANY. WE DONT JUST CONTINUE TO DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. WEARE PROBLEM SOLVERS. WERE ALWAYS LOOKING TODO BETTER. TECHNOLOGY PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN THAT. 08'