b'TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONMADE BY ULTEIG WHATS NEXT?At Ulteig, innovation is in the companys DNA. At every level,Success in 2020 was defined by, and dependent on, technology. in every department, and in every position in the companyThe years ahead are sure to be shaped by the companys there are opportunities to do things differently, faster, moreability to continue to leverage technology and innovation to theefficiently, and better. Made by Ulteig (MBU) is proof of advantage of its team members and clients. Here are a few the companys deep commitment to fostering a spirit of things Ulteigs Technology Innovation team is actively exploring: innovation within its walls. Developed, curated, and built throughout 2020, the internal MBU platform is a showcase1 NEW MIXED & AUGMENTED REALITY TECHNOLOGIESof Ulteigs culture of innovation at work. The platform houses2 CLOUD COMPUTING & AIhundreds of custom employee-created innovations, such3 AUTOMATED CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTas tools and calculators, that have been developed over the4 3D MODELINGyears to improve processes and client outcomes. And now5 ADVANCES IN ENERGY STORAGEtheyre available in one easy-to-navigate database, where they can be scaled, redeployed, commented on and iterated.6 BIG DATA / ANALYTICS09'