b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSPLANNING AND STUDIESOur goal is to ensure that consensus is reached and innovative, expert solutions are carried out, creating efficiencies and facilitating communication along the way.POWER SYSTEM STUDIES Ulteig is well-positioned to conduct a wide range of studies in transmission, distribution, generation interconnection and economic feasibility. We manage all aspects of the studies in-house, resulting in better efficiency and communication, and giving you direct and reliable access to our team. Our studies help clients weigh the myriad alternatives in the energy market and make informed business decisions. With our vast experience and knowledge of the regulatory environment, we provide insightful analysis to help guide in decision-making, and advise of potential pitfalls and future project considerations. We maintain several industry-leading software licenses to ensure we meet every clients system requirements.EXPERTISETRANSMISSION PLANNING POST-CONSTRUCTION STUDIESTransient and dynamic stability studiesCapacitor bank switching studies Power flow and contingency analysisFuse/breaker coordination studies Economic conductor analysisTransient Recovery Voltage (TRV) studiesInterconnection studiesPost-construction harmonic metering and analysisWide area studies for multi-resourcesTPL-001 study NERC/ISO COMPLIANCETransient and dynamic stability studies Power flow and contingency analysis Cascading failure analysisTransmission line path studiesComplete network dynamic stability studies for Mitigation solutions for multiple voltage andNERC 754 critical clearing and cluster studies thermal violations16'