b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSPLANNING AND STUDIESGRIDMODERNIZATIONAs energy generation and usage demands evolve, its imperative that utilities modernize their grids to meet present and future realities including the increased penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Our team of grid modernization experts will work with you to develop unique solutions to achieve your strategic goals. We will partner with you to create and implement a well-designed grid modernization plan with long-lasting benefits. We maintain several industry-leading software licenses to ensure we meet every clients system requirements.EXPERTISEGIS Mapping of thePower QualityConservation Voltage ReductionElectric SystemPeak Demand Management Distributed Energy ResourcesDistribution Planning and StudiesVolt/VAR Optimization(DERs) Impact Analysis Fault Current, Power Flow, System Reliability Grid Modernization and TechnologyVoltage Drop, Coordination,Grid Resiliency Road Map DevelopmentLoad BalancingAutomated Fault Location, IsolationPolicy ChangesElectric System Model& Service RestorationEV Impact Analysis Development18'