b'PLANNING AND STUDIESWHY GRID MODERNIZATION? As the electric grid continues to age, it is imperative to develop a holistic approachto a grid modernization strategy. This helps develop proactive solutions that maximize efficiencies and provide resilient and reliable power while adapting to ever-changing technologies affecting our nations network. Grid modernization provides electric utilities of any size with an opportunity to address challenges associated with the evolving grid.GRID MODERNIZATION CYCLEWe partner with electric utilities to develop future-ready modernization strategies designed to anticipate and meet the energy supply and demand challenges of the years ahead.We use a set of unique criteria, along with an electric system model, to customize a solution to meet your needs. Solutions typically include one or more of the following principles: RELIABILITY, RESILIENCY, HARDENING, VISIBILITY, ADAPTABILITY AND SYSTEM INTEGRATION. Not sure where to start? Generally, we recommend the following four stages to build the blueprint for your long-term grid modernization strategy. Enter the process at whatever step makes the most sense for your utility.1SYSTEM EVALUATION & FRAMEWORK DESIGN Since every utility is different, 2COMMUNICATION, NETWORK thefirststepistoevaluate& DATA MANAGEMENT your utilitys individual systemsThe overall effectiveness of Grid to determine its unique needs, Modernization implementation is identifycurrentissuesand enhanced by including a secure discover high-risk areas. From communicationnetworkanda there,wecandevelopamethodformanagingincoming solutiontoaddressyour data. This isnt a one-size-fits-allspecific goals. solution, so we can help find one to suit your needs. ! $ mwh1 0 5 1 0 1 01 0 1 1 ! 0 1 $ mw 0 $ 1 BLUEPRINTamps 0 DATA 0 1$ 3 0 1 1 0 1 ! 10 1 0 1 $ 1 0 volts 04DATA ANALYTICS PROCESSING Once a design is implemented, the3 TECH SOLUTIONS & finalstepistothinkabouthowFIELD IMPLEMENTATION data is not only captured, but alsoThe next step is to complete the grid processed, stored and interpreted. modernization project and implement Our experts can help you layit into your system. Critical decisions out and enable a process thatneedtobemaderegardingoverall uses this information to yourdesign,implementationandvendor utilitys maximum benefit.selection. Ulteig can help you navigate through these difficult hurdles. 19'