b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSDESIGN AND ENGINEERINGCAISOCAISO RIG AND METER ENGINEERINGUlteig is a RIG Third Party Engineering Firm and an Approved Meter Inspection Company that offers in-house CAISO Authorized Inspectors. We can design, execute and support any new and existing RIG and metering installation. Whether youre performing a QF conversion or looking to participate in the market asa Hybrid Resource, Ulteig has the skillset and qualifications to make it happen.CAISO NRI PROCESS MANAGEMENTUlteig is experienced in the CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) bucket process and requirements; our consulting services will make the process as seamless and transparent as possible. We will leverage our experience to stay ahead of issues and pitfalls, monitor the progress of your projects schedule versus the deliverables and provide on-site and remote support as your project approaches its Commercial Operation Date (COD). From your first Project Details Form to Commercial Operation we can lead the process, manage document and information retrieval and submit documents to the ISO on your behalf.CAISO ANCILLARY SERVICESUlteig can assist with, or fulfill additional requirements necessary at some CAISO facilities.EXPERTISERevenue Meter design & integration Equipment specifications Complex metering schemesSite surveysRemote Intelligence Gateway (RIG) Remote and in-field support design & integration Design compliance reviewRIG Certification renewalsMilestone and deliverable tracking New Resource Implementation (NRI) Meteorological (MET) Station implementationprocess management Third-party monitoring system integration Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)process managementAnnual meter re-certifications Energy Communication Network (ECN) facilitation Load profile data retrievalQualifying Facility (QF) conversions Troubleshooting and repair22'