b'DESIGN AND ENGINEERINGROSAMOND CENTRAL SUBSTATION | ROSAMOND, CARosamond, CaliforniaIn 2020, Clearway Energy Group broke ground on a new solar farm, the 192-MW Rosamond Central, designed to interconnect with the nearby Teddy Rosamond Substation. Ulteig was contracted through Nor-Cal Controls to perform SCADA integration for the Teddy Rosamond Substation. More specifically, Ulteigs performed Independent System Operator (ISO) integration based on California ISO (CAISO) regulationsthe strictest in the U.S. Any generator that participates in the California open energy market must comply with CAISO requirements.MeteringUlteig provided CAISO services for both owner meters and PPA meters (five offtakers). Ulteig installed 14 CAISO meters within the boundaries of the Teddy Rosamond substation, which connected the Rosamond Central solar farm with the CAISO grid system at SCEs Whirlwind 220 kV Substation.CAISO RIG integrationUlteig installed a Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG), a device designed to collect and forward data to CAISO. CAISO pulls data every 4 seconds to keep track of generation in real time. Any generation facility that wants to interconnect at the transmission level must install and maintain a field RIG that meets CAISO requirements.Consulting and managementUlteig helped throughout the entire New Resource Implementation (NRI), which is a process specific to CAISO regulations.This project was 10 times the size of a similar project, said Ulteigs Christian Arechavaleta, PMP, Technical Manager. However, this is going to become the norm as we see more and more solar and wind farms built in remote areas. We will see projects that need 50 and 100 meters, and with that, there is the need to ensure data integrity. 23'