b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSDESIGN AND ENGINEERINGDISTRIBUTIONWith the advent and growth of distributed energy resources, smart grids and smart meters, there is a significant need across the U.S. to ensure distribution systems are ready to handle more dynamic and variable conditions and loads. Additionally, aging infrastructure and more significant and frequent weather events are driving demand for greater system reliability and resiliency. Getting its start providing distribution services to rural North Dakota 75 years ago, Ulteig has the history and expertise to help clients prepare for these changes. We deliver comprehensive solutions for the design, implementation and utilization of robust distribution systems. At Ulteig we pride ourselves on the level of field experience our engineers have and continue to practice. Many of the engineers in our civil group started their careers in the field and continue to use that gained knowledge to benefit our clients. Once a complete design is delivered to our clients we continue to be in contact with them throughout the construction process to ensure they understand and are satisfied with all aspects of our design. EXPERTISEFIELD DESIGN & STAKINGUnderground Line Design SYSTEM HARDENING Basic Surveying and Subdivision LayoutDesign Criteria Development Construction ContractOverhead/Pole-Line StructureFull Structure Analysis and DesignAdministration Design and LayoutReview of Existing System Easement Acquisition & Recommendations for Joint-Use Staking and PLANNING & ANALYSIS System HardeningMake-Ready SurveysGIS MappingReview Of Outage Data Line InspectionPower Quality Studies and Design Standards NESC and Utility SpecificationsLoad Flow Studies Recommendations PermittingVolt/VAR CompensationUnderground Design Protection/BasicArc Flash StudiesSectionalizing DesignInterconnection Studies Sizing TransformersCoordination Studiesand ConductorsLoss Reduction Studies Material Coordination28'