b'DESIGN AND ENGINEERINGPERRY TO MADRID DISTRIBUTION DESIGN UNDERBUILD, UNDERGROUND AND OVERHEAD DESIGN | IOWAThis project consisted of distribution design due to a transmission 34.5kV to 69kV upgrade and rebuild. Ulteig was responsible for the transmission line design, distribution design, and right-of-way and survey services related to the distribution design. Ulteig designed 17 miles of transmission line utilizing PLSCADD.In tangent with this upgrade the distribution line was to be upgraded from 15kV to 25kV. The PLSCADD model was then used to design 6 miles of distribution underbuild and 11 miles of distribution line was converted to underground and designed utilizing Ulteigs award winning GIS distribution design process. Related taps serving single phase residential customers and three phase commercial customers were also converted from overhead to underground design.Ulteigs survey department created the boundary survey and completed construction staking.Ulteigs ROW department contacted all customers related to the project and acquired signed easements. Ulteig supported this project from planning through construction.29'