b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSDESIGN AND ENGINEERINGENERGY STORAGEUlteig offers a wide range of forward-thinking storage services. From helping clients understand the use cases for energy storage and providing vendor-agnostic engineering services to overseeing the project delivery and testing the functionality of systems. Our team is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive revenue-generating storage technologies that can be leveraged across the entire energy supply chain. Whether its a new site or a retrofit, Ulteig lends expertise in every project stage while ensuring seamless integration across phases. The energy professionals at Ulteig can help you model an optimum standalone battery storage system or help design a new renewables plus storage project to help you minimize costs and maximize revenue. We leverage expertise across Lifeline Sectors and Service Disciplines to provide a comprehensive project approach.EXPERTISEWe provide certaintyOur experienced multi- Weve completed 10+GWWe align with our clients around energy storagediscipline teams deliverof utility-scale SCADArequirements and development andcontext-sensitivedesign, programming, andobjectives to ensure safe investment decisions. designs to meet yourcommissioning across and timely project delivery.unique needs. North America. Modeling and studiesConceptual designUse-case consultingProject and constructionBusiness case Balance of plant/system AC/DC coupled & stand-alone managementdevelopment engineering Plant-level PV & storageEquipment FAT support Owners engineer supportHigh-voltage engineering integration Testing and commissioningInterconnectionOwners engineeringSCADA (third-party)and permittingEPC supportPower plant controlAsset management Technical bid supportPermitting Performance & financial Analytics Decision making road map Environmental reportingO&M(Siting, Application and Survey & stakingCommissioningConstruction surveyingSize)Procurement & Networking & NERC/CIP Environmental monitoring logistics security Hardware & software supply30'