b'DESIGN AND ENGINEERINGSOLAR POWER AND BESS INTEGRATION IN OIL COUNTRY|TXUltiegs System Integration and SCADA Services Team Integrates Solar Power Plant and Battery Energy Storage System in West TexasIn West Texas, considered the heart of the U.S. oil industry, one of the largest solar projects in the U.S. was recently commissioned for operation. The solar project consists of a 460 MW (AC) solar power plant featuring 420 MW of solar PV and 40 MW of battery storage located on a 3,600-acre site alongside an existing oil and gas installation. Supplying a growing demand in West Texas for electricity, the projects 1.3 million solar panels will generate enough clean energy to power more than 80,000 homes.To help the owner of the new solar energy center integrate the solar PV and BESS with the Texas electrical grid known as ERCOT, the solar plants owner called on Ulteigs System Integration and SCADA Team. For this project, Ulteig served as the Engineer of Record (EOR) for the substation, providing AC and DC collection, site PV, and civil engineering services. One of the major challenges of this project involved the BESS participation in a new Fast Frequency Response (FFR) ancillary service market. This self-dispatched service requires full output from the BESS within 15 cycles (250 milliseconds), which it must maintain between 95%-105% throughout the dispatch period. FFR is emerging as an in-demand technology to address the lack of inertia from inverter-based resources. FFR increases system stability by providing high speed frequency support normally handled by traditional generation. Ulteigs System Integration team was successfully able to design, and commission a site controller that met these requirements.With the goal of commissioning the project in Spring 2021, the Ulteig team found itself launching the system for the solar PV and the BESS in mid-February just as a major winter storm hit and paralyzed the Lone Star state. Seeing the storm come and its potential impact, it was imperative for the team to commission the project, which it wasable to do, even helping discharge stored energy when it was needed most.It was an incredible opportunity for us. Coupling battery storage with solar PV was new for our client, and new for Texas, said McKenzie Santin, Associate Director of Energy within Ulteigs Power and Renewables group. We are seeing a growing interest in adding battery storage to solar projects and we anticipate more of these types of projects in the future.31'