b'PROJECT DELIVERY SERVICESPDSWHAT IS PROJECT DELIVERY SERVICES?PDS IS A GROUP THAT OFFERS A RANGE OFSERVICES IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT.PROJECT MANAGEMENT | CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT | PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENTPDS IS HERE TO FIT WHEREVER YOU NEED.Owner/Utility needs to fit a position to manage a project or portfolio on their behalf.Ulteigs PDS team is available Ulteigs PDS team will integrate intoto help Owner/Utility at any the Owner/Utilitys organizationstage in the project. to put project into action.Ulteigs PDS team will interface with Ulteigs PDS team manages thethe Owner/Utilitys team and manage contractors, engineers and supplierstheir contract on behalf of the company. on behalf of a project or portfolio.Ulteigs PDS team will take the project to COD,then hand it off to O & M to maintain the project.35'