b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSPROSIJGEN & ECT DENLGIVINEERERY SINERGVICESDECONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENTOur goal for every project is to meet the completion date, control the cost, achieve high quality and keep clients informed of construction progress. Ulteigs Construction Managers monitor all construction activities, identify and manage risks, utilize industry best practices, collaborate with stakeholders and execute and monitor the uniform policies and procedures as established by our clients. In addition, we take responsibility for scheduling, cost reporting, the RFI process, conflict resolution, quality management and the general condition of major equipment deliveries. If required, we can also fulfill the role of onsite Resident Project Representative (RPR), acting as an extension of the project team and providing detailed daily inspection reports for project-specific tasks.Our QA/QC service is implemented through a series of processes that assure each project activity is carried out in a method that meets our clients expectations. Ulteig is highly proficient in QA/QC implementation and engaging contractors in the process.EXPERTISEWHAT WE DO VALUE-ADD SERVICES ALTERNATIVE DELIVERY The scope of work is determinedUsing Ulteigs full breadth ofSERVICESbased on the complexity of yourresources, we can provide you with project, and the makeup of yourthese unique value-add services:Construction Manager-at-Risk team is carefully coordinated to(CMAR)ensure full coverage across threeReal-TimeLump Sum Design-Buildcore areas:Construction StatusProgressive Design-BuildConstruction ManagementCost Reporting Construction Manager/GeneralConflict Resolution Contractor (CMGC) QA/QC Management Lessons Learned/Contractor-led Engineer ProcureCommissioning & Energization Debrief Meetings Construct (EPC)ManagementRequest for InformationOwners Rep Services Our team will identify and(RFI) Managementcircumnavigate costly constructionEnvironmental Monitoring,mistakes, minimize the potentialMitigation and Restorationfor unexpected change orders, Disciplined Change Controland keep you informed of potential Document Controlrisks, delays and challengesMajor Equipment Deliveries Third-Party Engineering Design during construction. Well alsocarefully monitor quality check Reviews points and develop a thorough Constructability Reviewscommissioning and energization plan for a safe, timely and cost-effective in-service project.36'