b'ULTEIG POWER QUALIFICATIONSASSET MANAGEMENTManaging and optimizing assets has never been more important. At Ulteig, Asset Management focuses on using data, information, insights, technology and engineering to manage your day-to-day business needs as well as identifying and prioritizing strategic asset management, investment decisions and long-term planning. Our team of experts works with you to capture and use data to develop insights critical to determining an informed, prioritized asset management and investment roadmap for your business.Ulteig defines Asset Management as the data-driven, systematic tracking of key infrastructure elements to assess organizational risk, governing and optimizing capital spend. This solution benefits stakeholders priorities by taking quality data collection and inspection and provides a roadmap to maintenance and replacement, informing new infrastructure investments.EXPERTISETechnology Evaluation Insight DevelopmentData Sharing & Integration Discovery & AssessmentAnalysis, Reporting & Planning Application Hosting, Development & MaintenanceAsset Optimization and Information Management40'