b'ULTEIG OVERVIEWHOW WE WORKMore than ever before, communities rely on the connections that bring infrastructure, services and information to their citizens. Ulteig is committed to designing, planning, building, sustaining and maintaining the interconnected infrastructure vital to everyday life.OUR PEOPLE & THE PROMISE WE MAKE:Ulteig is wholly built on the belief that growth starts with individual achievements. Innovation requires talented, curious people. Our employee-owners work in multi-disciplinary teams across core Lifeline Sectors to learn from each other, create new approaches and devise expert solutions. In 2020 alone, the Ulteig team grew by 27%. With more than 800 employee-owners completing projects in 48 states and projected growth in 2021, our footprint continues to span the country.100% 800 +EMPLOYEE OWNED EMPLOYEES245 + 95 +300 SUBSTATIONT&DLICENSEDPROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS EMPLOYEES EMPLOYEES90 + 40 +CIVIL EMPLOYEES FIELD SERVICEEMPLOYEES03'