ACEC ND Engineering Excellence Award

January 19, 2018

Ulteig is proud to have won an Engineering Excellence Award in the Small Projects category from the North Dakota chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for the Medina Rest Area Improvements project in Medina, ND. 

Ulteig was awarded the engineering and design work for the Medina Rest Area Improvements, a facility closed since July 2014 due to high water levels of Stink Lake flooding the lower lagoon. This project consisted of two key aspects – the restoration of the site’s waste water treatment and a facility update to meet ADA accessibility requirements.

Ulteig designed the dispersal trenches in the drain field and the inspection ports that were installed at the end of each trench. Ulteig also designed magnet locators on the inspection ports and locator signs in line with the end of the trenches. The waste water treatment system Ulteig designed consists of a 3,000-gallon septic settling tank followed by an aeration treatment system. Finished water from the aeration system is held in a 1,500-gallon pumping tank and then pumped through forcemain, which discharges into a gravity feed drain field. Finally, the finished water infiltrates into the ground and recharges the groundwater. 

Ulteig’s improvements to the sidewalk and pedestrian ramp provide access to all aspects of the rest area and from the parking lot to the doors of the building. Ulteig’s design incorporated a new ADA accessible picnic table to be installed. Pedestrian “turnout” ramps are positioned at two locations along the sidewalk, which provide a location for wheel chairs to turn around. 

Ulteig designed the full waste water treatment system and the ADA improvements, which were completed within six weeks. The rest area was re-opened to public use on October 14, 2017 meeting the Contract Completion date. 

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