Celebrating Women in Engineering

August 6, 2021

At Ulteig, we know that challenges bring change. Over the years our society has come to accept the role of women in our workplace. And yet, we still have a way to go. International Women’s Day, which occurs today, not only celebrates women, but is intended to shine a light on the challenges that women still face in striving for equality. We asked a few women employees from the same team (managed by Tahnee Miller) to comment on their experience as a woman in engineering.  

Given your career in a predominantly male profession, what is it like to have a woman manager and several women on your team? What have you noticed/experienced?

Manisha Ghorai, Senior Studies Engineer: Before coming to Ulteig, I worked at a company with just a few technical women employees and women in leadership positions. I often felt like I was being lectured to by my male teammates and getting a lot of unsolicited advice. At Ulteig, having a woman as a manager and several women on my team is a much more comfortable feeling. There is understanding, camaraderie, and the freedom of just being myself while getting my job done. It is also very encouraging seeing so many women in leadership positions at Ulteig and knowing that we are all represented in the decision-making circles. 

Mackenzie Stark, Graduate Engineer: Having a woman as my manager, as well as working with several women on my team, is really inspiring and empowering. Team Clarke has an amazing group of women who are intelligent and passionate about their work. I started working at Ulteig as an intern and I remember when I started that it was so refreshing to see so many women not only in the engineering field – but these women were surpassing all expectations. Working alongside them really pushes me to stand out and be remembered.

Carol Gerou, Lead Engineer: It’s great! Although, I must be honest I really don’t think about Tahnee being a woman – she is simply my manager! (Maybe because I worked with her before she was my manager.) These engineers I work with are highly knowledgeable and reliable. I’m originally from an area that traditionally has more female engineers. After I moved West, I noticed that there were not that many female engineers but as time has gone on, I’ve seen more women attending meetings and conferences. I hope this trend will continue.

Zoe Logan, Engineering Intern: Ulteig is my first job in my engineering career, and it was so exciting to find out that there were so many women on my team. It is the brilliant women that I get to work with every day that inspire and motivate me, I constantly brag about them to my friends and family. The women on Team Clarke have shown me, as an intern, what I get to look forward to in my career and how much I will be able to grow.

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