Employee Spotlight – Andrew Melvin

October 12, 2018

Andrew Melvin, Technical Manager –Ā Transmission & Distribution, has spent his career specializing in solar energy projects – he has wanted to do this type of work since childhood.Ā 

“My mom was an environmentalist, so I’ve always had a desire to make a difference in my community and do something about global warming,” he said. “So, I went right into solar after college and have been working in the industry ever since.”Ā 

Andrew has over a decade of solar experience, starting first in residential rooftop systems and transitioning to utility-scale systems. Prior to joining Ulteig in 2017, Andrew worked for SunEdison, formerly a leading solar energy company. “At SunEdison, I was paid to improve the value of projects and analyze new ways to design and evaluate projects,” he said. “That experience has been a big help in my current position here. “
Based in Denver, Andrew works with solar developers and contractors across the country who rely on Ulteig’s expertise in renewables management. He is focused on the design of large-scale solar electric projects and specializes in optimizing various aspects of the design to improve project return.

“I’m proud to work on solar projects that help our clients meet their goals,” Andrew said. “Ulteig really listens to clients, we’re nimble, and we take the time to personalize our work.”

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