Environmental Specialist Hanna Karevold Grows Her Passion and Her Career

July 27, 2022

Fargo, ND – What gets Hanna Karevold up in the morning? Other than coffee and her two golden retrievers – it’s the passion and joy she gets from doing specialist work on Ulteig’s Environmental team. While final reports and data organization might keep her indoors, her work starts in the field. Each project provides her with unique experiences while performing wetland delineations, avian and bat surveys and environmental permitting – to name a few.

Prior to Ulteig, Hanna obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Master’s degree in Biology from North Dakota State University. Her graduate research focused on bat species native to North and South Dakota. Hanna also worked in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies on other research efforts including surveying areas of North Dakota for reptiles and amphibians, acoustic monitoring of bridges and culverts for bat usage and behavioral studies with captive bat populations.

Since 2016, Hanna has been heavily involved with the North Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society (NDCTWS), having served as the Chapter’s Student Liaison, Executive Board Member and currently as Secretary. Her primary role as Secretary is to interact with the membership and keep them engaged with relevant information and events to promote the mission of the Chapter.

Hanna’s love for wildlife, the outdoors and the critical need to advocate for the environment fuels her passion for her career. In June, The Wildlife Society (TWS) announced that she had been selected as 1 of the 10 individuals in the nation to participate in the TWS Leadership Class of 2022. This program gives individuals the opportunity to grow in their careers, develop their leadership skills and collaboratively work with council members to contribute recommendations to TWS’ next 5-year strategic plan. The Leadership Institute will conclude at the TWS’ 29th Annual Conference in Spokane, WA.

Hanna explains, “My involvement over the years with NDCTWS has led me to get to know many North Dakota wildlife professionals and create friendships I wouldn’t otherwise have. These individuals ultimately led me to apply for the leadership institute. It felt like the right next-step along my journey in this career field and professional society.”

Hanna’s supervisor, Mikayla Boche – Technical Manager, expresses praise for her achievement, “Hanna’s expertise on wildlife and their habitat makes her a vital asset to our team and to our clients. Her proactive approach, inquisitive attitude, and commitment to quality make her an excellent choice for The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute.”

Living the Value of Client Success

While most of Hanna’s experience resides within the Transportation Lifeline Sector, she advocates for the importance of environmental services in all Lifeline Sectors. All projects, whether public or private, must comply with applicable federal and state regulations. Examples could include the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

The Environmental team works with Project Managers at the beginning of each project and throughout the design phase to identify environmental considerations. The team then provides clients with guidance to navigate these tricky requirements to ensure they are met – for the sake of a successful project and protection of the surrounding environment.

Collectively, the Environmental team has over 40 years of experience working with clients to mitigate environmental concerns. Hanna’s addition to the team brought new capabilities to Ulteig, offering clients specialized bat surveys as she is federally permitted to handle and identify the threatened northern long-eared bat in North Dakota. This is highly relevant as this protected species is currently under review for reclassification from threatened to endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, potentially leading to changes in pre-construction environmental requirements.

“My favorite realm of environmental work will always be within the wildlife sphere. There is nothing like going out into the field to complete a survey that meets client needs and gives a voice to the environment. However, I have to give bats a final shout out. If a project involves bats, that will always be at the top of my list,” Hanna reflects.

To learn more about our growing in-house Environmental team, visit the Environmental Solutions Page at Ulteig.com.

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