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International Women in Engineering Day

June 23, 2021

You are Game Changers. You are the Women Engineers of Ulteig.

You are Game Changers. You are Innovators. You are Problem Solvers. You are Leaders. You are Builders. You are Dreamers. You are our Heroes. You are helping to make our industry stronger, more diverse and more inclusive.

Who are you?

You are the Women Engineers of Ulteig.

On this day, the International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate Ulteigā€™s women engineers as well as all women engineers, especially the women engineers who work for our clients and our partners, such as clean energy developers and general contractors.

Thank you for bringing your unique perspectives to our industry. We are so much better for it.

In celebration, weā€™ve created a short video featuring just a few of our game changing women engineers at Ulteig ā€“ Sarah Beckman, Beth Copanas, Tahnee Miller, Manisha Ghorai, and Jennifer Ciebiera ā€“ who share their insight and wisdom in what it means to be a woman engineer and the value that women engineers bring to the design and building of North Americaā€™s infrastructure ā€“ today and tomorrow.

As an employee-owned company, we seek to attract the best and brightest minds who are passionate about solving our clientā€™s toughest problems and helping to make the U.S. and Canada stronger by designing infrastructure with the power to make a positive impact on the people who rely on it. We could not do this without the women engineers at our firm.

We invite you to watch Game Changers below.

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