Keeping Safety a Top Priority

August 27, 2020


While safety standards are on everyone’s minds today due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ulteig has been putting safety practices at the forefront of everything we do for the last 75 years. Our clients and employees depend on our projects to meet the highest standards for safety, and we owe it to them to deliver. Here are just a few ways Ulteig is proving its commitment to safety.

COVID-19 preparedness
To combat the coronavirus, we’ve taken resolute steps to protect our employees’ and clients’ health and safety while maintaining our high standard of service. Over the past few years we made significant investments in our information systems, including Virtual Desktops that enable all our employees to work remotely. As a result, we were able to transition quickly to working from home during the pandemic and have continued to be incredibly agile in helping to address the issues and concerns clients currently face.

Safety for each employee
Moreover, Ulteig continues to strive for a safe and healthy workplace environment at all our offices and worksites throughout the United States. To help us in that effort throughout the year, our General Safety Committee provides our employees with a dynamic internal website (featuring safety information, resource links and health references) and an informative monthly blog (devoted to accident prevention, health and worker safety). Our employees undergo safety training yearly as well as generalized and hazard-specific field training before working in the field. We are also working to eliminate adverse environmental impacts within our operations.

Zero injuries
We’re excited to have recently received the “Million Work Hours Award.” Presented by the National Safety Council, this award recognizes companies with zero injuries or illnesses involving time away from work for at least 1 million consecutive work hours. For the third year in a row, Ulteig’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration Recordable Incident Rate was below 1.0. The lower the score, the higher the safety rating.

As an employee-owned company, our Ulteig team takes pride in being champions of safety. We’re empowered with a collective voice that’s committed to making a difference in the workplace, not only to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for ourselves but also for our clients, our contractors and the public. And we’re committed to providing our employees with the tools and resources they need to remain safe and productive, ensuring we all continue to thrive.

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