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President Doug Jaeger Featured In Leadership Podcast

September 16, 2021

President & CEO Doug Jaeger is the guest for a new podcast that goes live today. ā€œOne Take CEO Interviewsā€ is hosted and produced by a former editor of Twin Cities Business magazine, Dale Kurschner.

In each podcast (a series that started in 2020) a CEO is asked to share their take on how best to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic, its unprecedented impact on their operations, and the economy.Ā The CEOs have come from all industries.

In the podcast, Doug talks about how Ulteig has met challenges and opportunities during the pandemic, including:

  • Pivoting to an all-remote workforce initially, and to a hybrid work environment going forward
  • Committing to strong employee engagement and culture
  • Remaining focused on accelerated growth for the company (including the acquisition of NLS)
  • Increasing the use of technology in our work
  • Changing up recruitment strategies, including less emphasis on geography

Doug concludes with this thought: ā€œYou donā€™t need to set your strategy aside when the world around you changes dramatically.ā€

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