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June 15, 2020

Amid COVID-19, businesses are learning to operate in a “new reality.” Employees work remotely from home. Corporate travel has been reduced or eliminated, and face-to-face meetings now happen over video calls. Even conferences, trade shows and workshops have been canceled, postponed or are being hosted virtually through the end of the year.

This void comes at a time when industry leaders are eager to share knowledge and strategize with colleagues and clients about critical trends and innovations that could help shape the national conversation. Recent research from McKinsey & Company suggests that “without fundamental change, it will be difficult to return to the attractive industry performance that has historically prevailed.” The COVID-19 nationwide stay-at-home order triggered a digital transformation that created new opportunities and channels for collaboration and sharing information.

 Many industry leaders, including Ulteig, are leveraging digital channels like podcasts, blogs, and social media to spark conversation and drive change. As partners are looking to learn more about Smart Transportation, SCADA, Grid Mod, DED and other Lifeline Sectors® solutions, we want to make it easy to share with industry colleagues. In the past few weeks, Ulteig experts have covered topics on:

No one knows when this pandemic will be over, or what the new normal will be. One thing’s for sure: Ulteig will continue sharing innovative solutions with the industry at large, identifying and commercializing innovative concepts that could profoundly impact our Lifeline Sectors®.

  • Grid Modernization, Solar, System Integration & SCADA, Transportation Planning & Design, Wind


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