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Transmission Planning Takes a Futurist Mindset

January 12, 2021

If you had just 30 seconds to describe what transmission planning is all about, it would probably come down to this:Ā 

We think 5, 10, and sometimes 20 years ahead to help our clients overcome the challenges they face, today and in the future.Ā Ā 

ā€œHow do we plan for a future of constant changes in which nearly every part of our daily lives becomes electrified?ā€ Ulteig asks.Ā 

Itā€™s a challenge Ulteig welcomes, and one that utilities are familiar with and appreciate. Using a futurist mindset can help address current challenges, but also helps in identifying potential opportunities as well as risks (including potential violations) that may need to be mitigated. Itā€™s an approach that is built into the very foundation of Ulteigā€™s approach to transmission planning and design.Ā 


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