Ulteig’s 2021 Capabilities Brochure

September 23, 2021

Our industry, like most, continues to face intensified challenges, from supply chain issues to regulatory uncertainty to increased community infrastructure needs. More than ever Ulteig is asked to be a trusted partner to help maneuver clients through these challenges, and we do not take that trust lightly.  Although the execution can be complicated, our process is consistent, focused and straightforward: We Listen by connecting with all stakeholders to form a clear understanding of need and We Solve, connecting answer to question and aligning problem with expert.

Throughout this site you will see a shared focus on what we call our Lifeline Sectors®: Power, Renewables, Transportation and Water—the infrastructure vital to everyday life. You will learn that we offer our comprehensive engineering and technical services through six areas of expertise: Land Services, Environmental, Planning & Studies, Design & Engineering, Project Delivery Services and Asset Management. Throughout the brochure, you’ll find project profiles demonstrating how Ulteig has applied our expertise and partnered with our clients to collaborate, discern, adapt and get results.

We often speak of Ulteig as a single entity: “Ulteig is responsive” and “Ulteig innovates” and “Ulteig delivers results.” But who is “Ulteig”? What is the entity that, for over 75 years, has been creative, resourceful and focused on client success?

We are hundreds of individuals, of course. But every one of us joined the company with the understanding that we have something important to contribute to Ulteig’s work, mission and values. And as individuals we have committed ourselves to providing our unique skills and knowledge on behalf of our clients and the communities they serve. The power behind our success lies with the team of people who come together to deliver that expertise consistently, every time, on every project.

Over the decades Ulteig has continued to adapt and thrive because of our shared, consistent commitment – it is no coincidence that our company is employee-owned. Our annual growth rate has averaged over 21% for the past five years, a remarkable result that proves the adage “when our clients succeed, we succeed.”

All of us at Ulteig look forward to working with you.


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From global energy producers to locally funded cities and private developers to government agencies, the clients we serve encompass a broad range of relationships and projects. Find out why Ulteig is a leader in the engineering industry.

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