We Couldn’t Have Engineered a Safer Year

March 9, 2021

Ulteig receives MILLION WORK HOURS award from the National Safety Council

Ulteig is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious MILLION WORK HOURS Award for 2020 from The National Safety Council for the second year in a row.

The MILLION WORK HOURS award recognizes organizations that have completed a period of at least 1 million consecutive work hours without an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work. Criteria for this achievement include:

  • Zero work-related illnesses involving time away from work for at least 1 million consecutive work hours;
  • Zero injuries involving time away from work for at least 1 million consecutive work hours; and
  • Zero fatalities for at least 1 million consecutive work hours.

While Ulteig was fortunate enough to have zero work-related COVID-19 incidents, the pandemic certainly played a significant role in elevating personal safety to a top-of-mind concern throughout the year. After all, you couldn’t make a quick trip to the store for eggs without taking into account all the required precautions necessary to do it safely, or at all — masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, etc. Living with the pandemic in this way, on a daily, unavoidable basis, created extra mindfulness around personal safety and the safety of others.

Ulteig’s Director of Safety, Lance Dockter, believes this added mindfulness translated to the workplace as well. He attributes Ulteig’s banner year in safety to “a little bit of luck, but also people are paying more attention to safety.”

While there was definitely extra mindfulness around safety last year, it has long been one of the company’s foundational core values. Being recognized for it should come as a no surprise. Nevertheless, Dockter wants to do everything he can to help the company keep the momentum going in 2021 and beyond.

To aid in Dockter’s effort to keep safety top-of-mind at Ulteig, the firm is unveiling a new internal campaign built around the slogan, THINK SAFETY FIRST. In addition to the many safety-related practices and protocols already in place, such as the daily safety minute before meetings, this new slogan will be splashed across company screensavers, hard hats, mugs, and personal protection equipment to help to ensure that safety continues to remain a top priority. 

As is often said about safety, it doesn’t happen by accident. The MILLION HOURS AWARD is a testament to everyone at Ulteig committing to making safety a priority, looking out for each other, and working smart in the field.   

It’s the kind of award that makes directors of safety, such as Dockter, proud. “We didn’t even have a first-aid incident, which is impressive,” he boasted. 

Keep it up everyone, and have a safe and healthy 2021.

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