July 15, 2020 Power / Projects
Power / Projects
Meeting Industry Standards – One Utility Electric Grid at a Time

Modernizing the electric grid has become a major priority for utilities across the United States. At Ulteig, our grid modernization experts are equipped to handle thorough assessments and plan development to meet each utility’s unique needs. 

Recently, Ulteig was engaged by the nFront Consulting group to assess a municipal utility’s electric grid. This project was part of an overall organizational evaluation to ensure the utility operated effectively and efficiently while creating grid stability and advancement. Ulteig was added to the project because of our wealth of transmission and distribution engineering, design, and operating experience that helped to meet specific customer needs.  

Project steps 

  • Ulteig interviewed key staff to ensure we had a clear understanding of the client’s unique electric system and day-to-day operations practices. This step proved vital in preparing the overall assessment.  
  • Next, our team evaluated the client’s distribution, substation, and transmission construction standards. We were able to identify areas that needed to be addressed as well as highlighting extremely successful areas. 
  • Then Ulteig evaluated recently completed projects and the client’s five-year budget plan to assess how its planning compared to industry standards. 

“Our experience with Ulteig was excellent by every project management measure. They staffed the project with well-qualified engineers, provided a detailed scope of services, and met both the demanding schedule and budget constraints of the project.” 

-nFront Consulting 

Results and takeaways 

Findings from this project enabled Ulteig to provide the client with insight into the state of their current electric system and effectiveness of their engineering processes. We were also able to enhance nFront Consulting’s recommendations to the client for organizational restructuring.   

This helped set the client up operate consistently with industry norms, meet their organizational goals, and address the needs of an evolving power industry. 

Authors: Jason Hall, Josh Guck, and John Barksdale 

Throughout his 12-year career, Jason Hall has focused on improving business and engineering practices to improve utility efficiencies, reliability, and customer service.  

Josh Guck has more than 8 years of electrical engineering experience and possesses a range of useful skills that pertain to electrical distribution systems. 

John Barksdale has more than 8 years of engineering experience, and holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate and a Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. 

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