Transmission Success Story

Ulteig, a leading full-service engineering consultancy, partnered with Minnkota Power Cooperative (MPC) to transform the transmission system that supplies power to Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC). Years of growth in the Veteran’s Boulevard corridor, evidenced by the addition of a new hospital, retail outlets and multifamily housing units, required significant expansion of the county’s transmission system capacity.

Adding capacity to the transmission system in Cass County required the commissioning of several projects, including the rebuild of an existing transmission line in the heart of the Veteran’s Boulevard corridor. Ulteig’s fullservice solution and comprehensive engineering approach were instrumental in helping MPC enhance the efficiency, versatility and resilience of the system. Together, these changes ensure reliable and efficient power as the area continues to develop.

A fundamental element to bringing additional capacity to Cass County
involved upgrading existing lines to accommodate new commercial and retail development while accounting for future expansion. Rather than creating designs for singular load requirements, Ulteig was tasked with designing for various potential load configurations simultaneously to create a flexible solution that could support multiple future line feed locations. Ulteig worked closely with stakeholders to engineer options that met critical safety, performance and visibility standards. The end result was a double circuit 115 kV line supported by galvanized steel poles with multiple attachment points. This design helped ensure easy, low-cost future integrations of the circuits. This will save MPC and CCEC time and money as future feeds for this line were undecided. Wayne Lembke, Civil Engineering Supervisor at MPC, had this to say about Ulteig’s contribution to the overall effort, “We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and we believe the work of Ulteig exceeded the intended uses and expectations.”