Ulteig provides inspection services for recently permitted oil transmission line projects which are set for construction. Inspectors are assigned to each project in order to ensure best pipeline construction practices are followed. Their top priorities are ensuring both the public's health along with the safety and welfare of those involved in the construction process are meeting the highest standards.

Ulteig's full inspection services include environmental monitoring during construction to minimize possible dangerous and adverse effects of the pipeline. Adverse effects include bare soils that pollute water through soil erosion, sedimentation and drainage. The restoration monitoring of the land and water resources is necessary to bring post-construction conditions to pre-construction quality levels. 

The inspector attends all pre-construction conferences, performs all inspection duties during construction, completes a post-construction inspection after construction is finished, and completes warranty inspections one year after the project is finalized. 

The Ulteig inspector would have a working knowledge of assessing the conditions of the site prior to construction. The information would be organized by pipeline station and documented for post-construction reference. The pre-disturbance site assessment may include the following topics:

  • Land Use and Characterize Vegetation Types
  • Production 

  • Cover 

  • Density 

  • Status of Climate (i.e., precipitation, growing season) 

  • SCS Map Audit 

  • Observation of Surface and Ground Water Site Conditions 

  • Review Geotechnical Borings Provided in the Design Documents 

  • Audit Geologic and Topographic Information in External Design Documents 

  • Review Identified Cultural Resource Information within Design Documents 

  • Review Wildlife Diversity and Habitat Surveys Supplied in Design Documents 

  • Inspect Species Composition from Studies Supplied in Design Documents 

  • Review Information on Manmade Features Identified in Design Documents


  • Preliminary Engineering/Concepts
  • Public Hearings and Public Informational Meetings
  • HEC-RAS Hydraulic Modeling

  • Internal Drainage Analysis

  • Engineering Report

  • Earthen Levee Design (per USACE design standards)

  • Flood Control Structure Design

  • Coordinate Geotechnical Analysis

  • Construction Administration/Inspection
  • Record Drawings


  • Topographic Surveying

  • Boundary Survey
  • One-on-One Property Owner Meetings
  • Right-of-Entry Forms

  • Permanent and Temporary Easement Exhibits
  • Title Search

  • Assist in Appraisal Process
  • Construction Staking