We help create more reliable connections through a long history of successfully completed transportation projects. We have firsthand experience and are accustomed to meeting the requirements and expectations of federally funded projects and state departments of transportation as well as regional and local levels of government.

This includes planning, design, and construction services for complex urban intersections, corridor retrofits and rural highways. Ulteig is a progressive firm that stays attuned to cutting-edge practices and the community elements of transportation facility development. We understand that facility planning and design must be context-sensitive and cost-sensitive, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our many private sector and governmental clients find us responsive and time conscientious. We are committed to effective and continuous communication with our clients and involved stakeholders to promote solutions that are supported by area staff and elected officials.


Our planners and engineers work together to integrate our services. 

  • Traffic Analysis
  • TNM Noise Modeling
  • Corridor Studies
  • Site Impact Analysis
  • Multimodal Plans
  • Environmental Documents
  • Long-Range Transportation Plans
  • Public Participation and Consensus Building


Ulteig’s designs are context-sensitive and cost-effective. They strive to balance the competing needs and desires of the clients and end users. 

  • Structures and Bridges
  • Water Resources, Drainage and Utilities 
  • Multi-use Recreational Trails
  • Noise Walls
  • Streets and Highways
  • Traffic Signals and Lighting
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  • CADD and MicroStation
  • Construction Traffic Control and Detour Plans
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition


Ulteig offers varying levels of construction administration and observation to meet your needs. Our project managers and field personnel work with the client and the contractor to address issues that arise during construction and to monitor quality control and compliance. 

  • Project Management
  • Bidding Phase Services
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Construction Surveying
  • On-site Construction Observation and Inspection
  • Records and As-Builts
  • Project Closeout