Emerging need for project management professionals

The demand for professional project management resources by electric utilities, renewable developers and EPC contractors is reaching an all-time high. In recent years, the capital spending of electric utilities has been driven by strict compliance requirements, aging asset life, increased capacity issues, sagging system reliability trends and an increase in technology upgrade requirements.

Solar and wind renewable developers are planning and constructing projects at record pace, and EPC contractors are challenged with maintaining and getting ahead of construction schedules. As a result, firms are having to be creative as they identify and secure project management professionals to support their projects. We expect this trend to continue.

Project management is no longer just a buzzword. It is the prime driver that delivers projects on time and within budget. Talented, qualified and experienced project management professionals are vital to the success of projects today. Companies are often utilizing these resources to supplement their teams or are outsourcing the management of entire projects.

There are a few key attributes that are important to the future of project management professional staffing. First, companies must be able to respond quickly to a client’s request for resource support. At Ulteig, we have a deep pool of project management professionals with a wide-range of experience and backgrounds. We work closely with top recruiters across the country to identify and secure some of the nation’s top project managers. We work closely with our clients to understand how their project teams work and what type of professional or team it will take to get the results they need. When our clients need help building a team to manage one or more projects, we are well-positioned to respond quickly with a team of professionals who will be well matched to support your unique needs.

The value of leveraging project management professionals to support your needs can be significant:

  • Increase in on-time delivery of projects
  • Reduction in project risk
  • Increase in performance against budget
  • Flexibility of professional resources to match diverse project needs
  • Minimized project management training costs
  • Access to highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds

Ulteig’s Project Management Services department has successfully worked with clients across the country to support their project management needs. The feedback we receive is that we consistently find the right professional or team of professionals, with the right skills and experiences for success. Our value is in our deep understanding of the electric utility industry, our clients, and the skillsets it takes to successfully manage the complex and unique projects in this critical space.

As the demand for talented professionals grows, companies must be ready to respond with agility and creativity around resourcing. The ability to successfully build project teams that are led by professionals with the right skills and experiences is an important differentiator today and will only grow in importance in the future.