System Integration & SCADA

Historical Data Collection & Custom Reporting
Alarm Scheme Design & Integration
Network Design & Integration
SCADA Design & Integration
System Event Alerts
Custom Coding
Data Analytics
RTU Programming
OPC Data Integration
System Integration Support
Trending Display Configurations
Custom HMI Display Development

Make an investment in upgraded facilities for greater peace of mind. Ulteig’s team of System Integration professionals offers an extensive set of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and networking design services. We can help you establish a reliable, versatile communications network with customized data, monitoring and control measures.

At Ulteig, we define System Integration as the ability to incorporate data and control sub-system equipment from multiple vendors and bring them together into a single unified system that meets the owner’s operational and regulatory needs. Below is a list of reasons why it is imperative to do so:

  • Efficiently resolve outages
  • Predict and prevent failures
  • Improve information exchange between locations
  • Fortify cybersecurity measures

With System Integration and SCADA, there is no one size fits all answer. Levels of design shown here contain elements that are most often bundled together. In reality, elements are mixed and matched to meet the needs of your project. Use the Levels of Design slider below to find the solution best suited for your needs.

Already have SCADA but need updates or added functionality? Contact the experts at Ulteig to evaluate your existing system to determine if any of the following upgrades would help enhance your investment.


Performing SCADA integration for Ulteig’s clients traditionally involves sending engineers to project locations throughout the U.S. to verify the full functionality of the final systems necessary to connect to the grid. Current COVID-19 travel restrictions and “stay at home” safety requirements have made that a less desirable or practical solution. On a recent project for a generation owner in Texas, Ulteig implemented a remote solution to handle the requirements of the job. Read more…