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Day of Understanding: Disability

person in wheelchair talking to others
September 4, 2023

Through a collaborative, open forum, Ulteig hosted a Day of Understanding, dedicated to disabilities. As an organization, we have committed ourselves to raising awareness and providing support for our employees, clients and the community through a series of Days of Understanding. Each Day of Understanding at Ulteig is co-designed by members of our culture committee; ERGs; Diversity, equity and inclusion staff and other interested team members.

Our most recent Day of Understanding featured a keynote presentation from Joze Pirinian, a world-renowned Global TEDx speaker and comedian who speaks about inclusion, resilience and unlocking potential at organizations. A lifelong stutterer turned motivational speaker, Joze is on a mission to change peopleā€™s relationships with fear and discomfort so that they start taking action and unleash their inner greatness at work, school and in life.

Feedback from team members attending the events included,

  • ā€œIt was great to hear the perspectives of people with different disabilities and [to learn] how they affect them in life and in the workplace.ā€
  • Culture is created to have more inclusiveness and understanding. Having an open-minded company culture and maintaining that culture is important, and I appreciate that bold conversation.ā€

We are continuing to hold conversations with our employees to further encourage mutual understanding and respect for diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization. Each Day of Understanding helps advance that mission and provides a safer place for everyone to live and work.


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