DEI: Creating Better, Together

Celebrating Unique Perspectives and Backgrounds 

With the support of a team of DEI liaisons and counsel, we continue to progress in our DEI journey, embarking on DEI efforts approached with intention, accountability and openness.  

We pride ourselves on creating communities that continue to connect and unite. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are growing at Ulteig — they are built to support underrepresented groups to help eliminate inequities and form communities of belonging. Our current ERGs to educate and empower are: 

  • Multi-Ethnic and Ulteig (ME&U)
  • Rainbow Alliance – LGBTQ+
  • Veterans ERG
  • Women@Ulteig

Honoring Difference. Authenticity. Belonging. Equity. Speaking Up. These remain the foundational values integral to Ulteig’s commitment to prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) — to creating and cultivating an all-inclusive environment where every person is important to the success of our company, teams, clients and communities.  

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Learning & Growing 

We are looking to find ways to continuously improve upon our DEI efforts. Goals and strategies are analyzed using data and survey metrics to determine forward progress and better support for Ulteig team members. Areas of strategy include: 

  • Governance & Communication 
  • Internal Inclusion & Equity 
  • Supplier Diversity 
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Community Outreach & Recruiting 

We are committed to remaining authentic in our inclusive practices across all Lifeline Sectors, including: 

  • Joining CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Launching a community partner program, building better relationships with various industry organizations 
  • Future development programs, including outreach to high schools and disenfranchised communities 

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