Transportation Planning, Design and Infrastructure Engineering Services

Keeping your communities moving is a lot easier when you partner with a transportation engineering services provider that has a long history of success. Ulteig has first-hand experience advancing cost-effective and sustainable solutions while meeting the requirements and expectations associated with all types of government contracts: federal, state, regional and local.

This includes transportation planning, design, and construction and engineering services for complex urban intersections, corridor retrofits and rural highways. With Ulteig’s partnership, clients achieve context-sensitive, cost-effective transportation solutions without compromising efficiency, safety, sustainability, or innovation.​​

Transportation Engineering Solutions & Services


The team at Ulteig brings a unique combination of expertise to deliver a wide range of land services: land surveying, geographic information systems and right-of-way acquisition.


Our in-house environmental team understands the big picture of your project; we collaborate and find solutions that meet your needs while minimizing impacts to the environment and remaining in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.


Our team provides insightful data and analysis to help guide clients to make decisions, communicating potential pitfalls and providing future project considerations to maximize long-term value. We manage all aspects of studies in-house, resulting in better efficiency and communication, and give you direct and reliable access to our team.


From concept through construction support, we offer detailed design work, development, selection, implementation and calculation review.


As a trusted partner, Ulteig supports your team and determines the best resources to satisfy your unique needs. Our suite of services encompasses a range of solutions related to program and project management, construction management and other consultative services.


At Ulteig, we focus on using data, information, insights, technology and engineering to manage day-to-day business needs and develop strategic long-term plans and informed asset roadmaps that prioritize, manage and optimize investments for the future.

Team Member Spotlight
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Team Member Spotlight

Carrie DeJiacomo, PE

Senior Engineer

Carrie is a Senior Transportation Engineer with over 30 years of experience working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). She has managed the planning, design and construction of major transportation projects across the region. In her career working with CDOT, she oversaw two of the largest projects in the state, at that time, concurrently from the planning stage through design and construction. Both were innovative delivery projects: one with Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC – $419M) and the other with Design Build (DB – $307M), while also overseeing numerous standard Design-Bid-Build projects and studies simultaneously.

Carrie has a long history of collaborating and working with critical stakeholders to reach consensus to deliver successful projects. Those stakeholder groups include state and federal representatives as well as agencies, municipalities, coalitions and the public.

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From global energy producers to locally funded cities and private developers to government agencies, the clients we serve encompass a broad range of relationships and projects. Find out why Ulteig is a leading provider of transportation engineering, planning and design services.

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