Infrastructure Engineering for the Power Industry

Ulteig performs on the cutting edge of power grid engineering and operation. We understand the complexities of reliably delivering power to your customers today while fostering the strategic foresight to know what’s needed tomorrow.

We apply this forward-thinking, proactive approach to deliver innovative integrated solutions that meet network expansion and capital improvement requirements. As one of the nationā€™s leading power engineering consultants, we’re driven to provide innovative solutions to the challenges our clients face, in turn building value, strength and reliability into their communities.

Power Engineering Solutions & Services


The team at Ulteig brings a unique combination of capacity to deliver a wide range of land services including: land surveying, geographic information systems and right-of-way acquisition.


Our in-house environmental team utilizes our technical and project management expertise to keep projects moving forward. We’ll collaborate with you to find solutions that minimize environmental impact and remain in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.


Ulteigā€™s highly-qualified engineers provide insightful data and analysis to help clients make decisions that maximize long-term value. We manage all aspects of studies in-house, resulting in better efficiency and communication, giving you direct access to our team.


When you partner with us, youā€™ll receive context-sensitive, cost-effective designs for every phase of your project. From conception to construction, our detail-focused engineers provide all the calculations, development and insight you need for implementation success.


As a trusted partner, Ulteig supports your team to satisfy your unique technical and professional service needs. We provide a range of solutions related to program and project management, construction management and other consultative services.


At Ulteig, we meet clients where they are and take them where they want to go. We focus on using data, information, insights, technology and engineering to manage day-to-day business needs, developing strategic long-term plans and informed asset roadmaps that prioritize and optimize future investments.


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PathFinderā„¢ distinguishes itself in the market through a unique set of benefits. As a systematic and impartial decision-making engine, users can assess options without bias, relying on thorough and objective criteria. This ensures that you’re not just receiving a standalone tool but also gaining access to the extensive knowledge and experience Ulteig has amassed over decades in the industry.

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PinPointā„¢ addresses the specific needs of the infrastructure engineering field within the power industry by providing tools to streamline project management, minimize delays, and navigate potential challenges. Our intuitive interface harnesses real-time project data, empowering teams to make transparent, efficient, and well-informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

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Team Member Spotlight
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Team Member Spotlight

Jennifer Ciebiera

Senior Market Leader

Jennifer is a Senior Market Leader for Ulteigā€™s Power Lifeline Sector with over 16 years of experience in the power industry. She has a Civil Engineering degree from Colorado School of Mines and a Masters of Finance from the University of Colorado at Denver. Jennifer has held increasing roles of responsibility throughout her career, beginning as a transmission line engineer designing high voltage lines. For the last half of her career, Jennifer has been external facing and is responsible for staying up to date on market trends and building relationships within the electric power industry. She strives for client success through strong communication and problem-solving skills.

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From global energy producers to locally funded cities and private developers to government agencies, the clients we serve encompass a broad range of relationships and projects. Find out why Ulteig is a leading provider of power engineering and technical services.

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