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Asset Management

At Ulteig, we meet clients where they are at and take them to where they want to go.  We focus on using data, information, insights, technology and engineering to manage day-to-day business needs and develop strategic long-term plans and informed asset roadmaps that prioritize, manage and optimize investments for the future.

What We Do

Ulteig works with you to understand what tools and technology you use and matches you with a customized solution based on your goals and priorities.

Ulteig partners with you to understand your existing asset management platform and technologies. We also can establish the asset management platform to use across your organization. This involves leveraging user friendly platforms that can be web or mobile applications to provide you with quick and easy access to information and as a decision support tool. Whether using your existing platforms or one we develop with you, Ulteig also integrates with other business systems such as a work order management system and deployed technologies to ensure current data is available across your business systems.

Ulteig understands that asset management drives long-term capital budgets and provides predictable planning and investments. Ulteig offers lifecycle modeling, risk assessment and management, capital improvement planning, master planning, forecasting and long-term asset management and optimization planning. Simply put, we give you the data to move your business forward at a pace that keeps up with our challenging industry dynamics.

Ulteig looks at your overall operational performance of your assets and offers solutions to help you improve your infrastructure management and optimization. Our solutions range from deploying technology to understand equipment asset health, to mapping your assets to providing you with tools to quickly and easily view your assets a mid-range roadmap for asset inventory, management, and optimization. We provide you with valuable insights to help guide capital improvement investments and maximize your assets’ life cycles and improve your key operation metrics.

Ulteig conducts GPS inventory collection and builds a GIS database of your assets. The asset database will capture and maintain the data and information important to assessing and managing your assets for day-to-day operations and for long-term planning. From the captured data and information, Ulteig identifies insights to inform your business planning. Through defect identification and cataloging of visual inspections, manual processes can be matured to machine learning reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Ulteig will work with you to identify applications and data hosting solutions that will best fit your business needs.

Ulteig works with you to evaluate existing data and systems and determine next steps that are aligned with your business and industry needs.

Ulteig defines Asset Management as the data-driven, systematic tracking of key infrastructure elements to assess organizational risk, governing and automating capital spend. This solution benefits stakeholders’ priorities by taking quality data collection and inspection and provides a roadmap to maintenance and replacement, informing new infrastructure investments.

Our team utilizes data analytics to derive intelligence that informs client business models, investment decisions and solutions that drive operational efficiency.

  • Technology Evaluation
  • Data Sharing & Integration
  • Analysis, Reporting & Planning
  • Asset Optimization Services
  • Information Management & Insight Development
  • Application Development, Hosting & Maintenance
  • Discovery & Assessment


At Ulteig, we understand that building reliability into substations is a critical requirement for power delivery. Ulteig’s Advanced Energy Lab helps you and your substation projects avoid many of the pitfalls of in-field testing, allowing you to get your system into the field faster.

Lifeline Sectors: Power, Renewables

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Ulteig’s depth of experience across Power, Renewables and Transportation Lifeline Sectors provides a unique cross-discipline perspective on the advancement of electrifying our world’s most critical infrastructure – from the impact of electric vehicles, to the clean energy alternatives that fuel them and the grid modernization to support them – we can help.

Lifeline Sectors: Power, Renewables, Transportation

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