Electrification of Infrastructure

Electrification of Infrastructure

Creating a Sustainable Future Through Electrification

Ulteig’s depth of experience across Power, Renewables and Transportation Lifeline Sectors provides a unique cross-discipline perspective on the advancement of electrifying our world’s most critical infrastructure – from the impact of electric vehicles, to the clean energy alternatives that fuel them and the grid modernization to support them – we can help.

In-House Full-Service Capabilities

As local and federal incentives continue to emerge for the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and other carbon-neutral technologies that rely on electricity rather than legacy fuel sources, the growth in demand for reliable and resilient infrastructure to support this movement is inevitable. With a keen eye toward the future and a deep understanding of our industries’ current and future challenges, our experience across the Lifeline Sectors of Power, Renewables and Transportation – Ulteig is equipped as a partner of choice to support the planning, design, management and implementation of electrification infrastructure projects alongside utilities, DOTs, private partners and other market leaders as they emerge.  

Electrification infrastructure can include power grid infrastructure such as renewable generation, energy storage, grid charging for EVs, substation, transmission and distribution; or transportation infrastructure such as roads and highways, bridges and smart traffic signals. Ulteig’s multi-disciplinary solutions in this space can help lead clients and communities toward a sustainable, zero-emission future.

What Sets Ulteig Apart?

  1. OUR STUDIES TEAM – Transmission and Distribution Grid and their respective capabilities including feasibility studies, capital planning and risk management
  4. TURNKEY ENGINEERING – Civil, Electrical, Environmental, SCADA

What We Do

Electrification Infrastructure projects can be complex, but our in-house engineering and technical services LAND SERVICES (including RIGHT-OF-WAY and GIS), PROJECT and CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, ASSET MANAGEMENT and ENVIRONMENTAL teams can hit the ground running to understand your goals and where you are at in the process, identify what permits and regulations need to be managed, and provide data-driven solutions and roadmaps to bring the project into the next stage.

Efficient collaboration and communication between all project stakeholders are key when moving into the DESIGN AND ENGINEERING and PROJECT DELIVERY stages. Ulteig provides the full scope of consultative services in-house, and we lean on our years of experience working with power utilities, renewable developers, DOTs and municipalities to deliver resilient solutions for every client need.

Our team can act as the owner’s representative or a trusted strategic partner. Whatever the need, from TRAFFIC MODELING AND PLANNING to corridor analysis and design, from grant writing to CAISO, and from GRID MODERNIZATION services to so much more in power, renewables and transportation, Ulteig meets you where you are and takes you to where you want to go.

Aaron Lauinger
General Manager and VP – Transportation & Water
Direct: (701) 355-2329
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Mark Scheid, PE
Market Director – Power
Direct: (701) 280-8676
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Chad Crabtree, PE
General Manager – Renewables
Direct: (720) 873-5752
Email: [email protected]

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